Yotta is the largest decimal prefix added to the International System of Units (SI) metric system in 1991.

It represents 1024, 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 or a septilion.

It is indicated by the Y symbol.

The prefix name derives from the ancient Greek (októ) meaning "eight" because it is equal to (103)8.

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We gathered the years of experience in the furniture sector with a new formation, under the brand of Yotta with a view of continuous innovation.

Selçuk Ali YILMAZ

Selçuk Ali YILMAZ

CEO - Founding Stockholder, Yotta Furniture

Muhammed Mustafa Kaya

Muhammed Mustafa Kaya

VP Marketing - Founding Stockholder, Yotta Furniture

Fatih Halis

Fatih Halis

VP Production - Founding Stockholder, Yotta Furniture

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